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Oral Care: How To Straighten Teeth Without The Help Of Braces

Smile is a focal point of anyone’s facial features, next to the eyes of course, however, smiling is not something everyone can do since they are not gifted with the perfect set of dentures and having braces still costs much.

Having braces can be a big expense and not everyone has the budget to avail one yet straightening your teeth does not have to be that expensive there are few other alternatives, read more.

Without further ado, here are the top alternatives for having your teeth straighten other than braces, check it out!

The most common way to straighten teeth inexpensively is through the use of a retainer in which they are designed to shift the teeth back up into its original place ensuring that they are where they need to be. Each retainer is different so if you plan to have to ask your dentist for your own fixture and recommendations to make sure that the retainer will fit you perfectly.

Some website offer selling dental bands, another cheap alternative to the teeth straightening issue, most of the braces come in dental bands but nowadays they are sold as they are. Dental bands are easy to use since they are place around two teeth and the force of the elastic brings them closer together for a more efficient way of closing the gaps between the teeth.

Orthodontist suggest patients wear aligners from 10 to 24 months and they can also be removable plus the fact that they are invisible makes them less embarrassing than chunky braces.

Herbst appliance is a go-to option that is the best fitting for those who have suffered overbite or underbite in which it is attached to the molars and with the use of tubes it connects both jaws together-the upper and lower parts.

Clip-on veneers are the painless way to go, they are created with the use of your own denture molding so that it fits perfectly and it is an inexpensive alternative as well ranging from $400-$500 but the prices vary as well.

Headgears are engineered to pull teeth and the lower jaw back together so that the teeth can go back to natural position. These gears come in many variations with only one goal and it is wise to find the perfect fit for your needs.

The last resort is pulling teeth whenever it becomes overcrowded, if you want to do so you can always call up a professional to do the job, however, dentists think that it is a risky procedure since it may cause dental issues in the future.

Overall, with all of this, said, all that is left is a decision and it is yours to make so choose wisely.